Joshua Dray

Director, Client Relations, Media


Hi everyone! Thanks so much for spending the time to get to know more about myself and the rest of the Blue Box team. Its our vision that if our clients are this invested to read through our biographies that you would be a perfect fit to work with us. Please be sure to let me know if you had a chance to read through my bio.


Back in 2013 I joined forces with Shaun to further my passion and drive to own my own business. Growing up I’ve had a unique talent for turning small opportunities into big cash. Its always been a passion of mine to think of unique ways to take problems and turn them into business opportunities. I’ve used this passion to grow Blue Box into an international web agency that helps numbers of clients do the same thing. We take businesses that need a bit of help online and offer them a new found strategy to grow and succeed in your business. It truly a passion of mine to be able to create new opportunities and to drive new found success to your business.


Project Management 98%
Business Strategy & Vision100%
Bowling 97%

Contact Info

U.S Phone: +1 (858) 790 8112
Email : [email protected]