Neil Gambert Shirtmaker

ClientNeil Gambert
SkillsPlugin Development / Website Dev / Branding / Marketing
Custom Website & Plugin Development

Neil Gambert Shirtmaker

Neil hired us to create a custom shirt maker that could be used as a plugin platform for user to sell and customize their shirts. The plugin was developed with an API that could be sold and licensed to users. The end result was exactly what he wanted – a landing homepage created in WP that can be used to market the plugin and a plugin sales page to purchase the new shirt maker. We also created a demo website linking to the main site where the custom build shirt maker plugin can be tried live with shirt designs and tested before a user makes purchase.

Sale are made through Woo-commerce on the site and the plugin licensing created via API as well to limit the amount the license can be per user. Overall we had an awesome time working together on the project and look forward to the next project with Neil.

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