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The goal of this project was to take an extremely outdated website, and transform it into one of the most vibrant, colorful, and inviting websites in all of New Zealand. There were several challenges to overcome during the recreation of the website. Not the least of the challeneges was updating the flow of the sitemap so that it made more logical sense to visitors, this included building new parent pages which allow users to browse through the different product classes available at Premier Pavers.

Another challenge involved rebuilding pricing and spec tables all while ensuring everything was responsive to all types of device sizes. In the process of rebuilding the sitemap, we removed content which was deemed no longer necessary, and ensured that the user experience was the primary focus. 100+ pages were moved over onto the new website, and hosting was transferred to a local Australian host to ensure that site speeds remain at their peak for local users.

The entire site is built on a fully custom WordPress theme which allows for easy content updates to be made by the in-house Premier team. We’re extremely proud of the work that was done for Premier and we look forward to helping them manage hosting and maintenance as well as build an exciting house/yard customizer that features their products.

It was a real pleasure to work with Bernard and Steven and we look forward to the many years ahead working together.

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